Back in 2019 Landmark legislation passed “House Bill 3” which helped keep teachers teaching but it seems with all of the issues weighing down on teachers, they were and still are leaving in masses.

This came to light as superintendents were speaking on the impacts of inflation. All though “House Bill 3” was suppose to provide salary relief for school staff but rising prices like property tax were one of the major points for those that testified on June 25ths hearing of this year.

The Texas Board of Education recently rejected a new certification exam, last month on the 15th, that would be more expensive than the last. This would’ve taken the current ones place for the 2023-2024 school year.

The Educative Teacher Performance Assessment(The Exam) itself or its cost wouldn’t be the problem, the teachers need higher pay if the school districts want to retain and gain employees. A teacher from the Dripping Spring ISD, Explained.

In the last couple of years, Texas’ public education system has hit some tough times, from changing to online classes and debates about making mask mandatory to ongoing complications on how race and sex should be taught in schools. A lot weighs on the shoulders of our educators, even the safety of the children but seems that COVID-19 made it much harder for teachers to stay working.


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