As tensions over the economy and the pandemic seem to ease down a bit in U.S. politics, immigration is still a powerful issue awaiting for a proper course of action. This galvanizing topic is especially on the minds of the Republican Party, particularly in Texas.

Over the past year, Republican Gov. of Texas, Greg Abbott has sent thousands of military reserves to the Texas Border with Mexico to halt arrivals.

He also started building a new border barrier plus his plan also resulted in arrests of migrants who were allegedly trespassing on private property.

The Texas Politics Project polling data archive proves that immigration and border security is weighing on the republican voters minds.

In 21 of the the 27 polls executed by the project since 2015, a big portion of Republicans have stated that immigration or border security is a hot issue facing the Lone Start State.

There was only 4 times out 6 in which the two instances didn’t top the list two came at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic; the other two instances were near majorities at 48% and 44%.

As Biden comes with a new public charge rule to undo what the trump administration has done about immigration, migrant advocates push to gain more support for it.

It became even tougher for the advocates to gain support after September 12, when Texas joined 13 other states to file against it in court.

The new public charge rule changes how a noncitizen would be determined to become a public charge in the United States. According to the document migrants are more likely to become one.

Under the new changes, someone is deemed a public charge if they need supplemental security income and/or long-term institutionalization at the government’s expense.

This does not include those that need help with rent, utilities, housing or food stamps.


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