The U.S. is going through some big changes, because of the rapid growth of the demographic diversification. A good example, for instance non-Hispanic whites are to remain the largest ethnic group from now until about 2045, where they will likely no longer be the majority of the American population. As more diverse cultures hit the U.S. it makes it more of a challenge to take accurate actions against hatred and promoting unity. One example, during the 2020 pandemic panic anti-Asian hate crimes topped at 150%. Causing major concerns throughout the U.S. Government.

As urbanization sprawls concerns over Texas cities making it a challenge to answer the question, how to build a more resilient and ecological ecosystem? Pressing the matter is a architect and professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, named Kevin Sloan from Dallas, Texas. He has been one of key people addressing the solutions such programs as Rewilding, a practice that will create space called Green Space where it will attract wildlife and change the framework of the city.

Another part of these programs is offering a solution to the diversification issue, dealing with attracting educated millennials to downtown parts of Texas cities. This became a dynamic when U.S. officials took note that people with college degrees and higher incomes are migrating back to inner city neighborhoods that generations before abandoned for the suburbs. With many more challenges on the list to attend to these are some of the issues the U.S. is willing to back with grants and programs for the Lone Star States.


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