Sep 30 – The big question Texans have been asking since the hearing of the Build Back Better Act is how much will the Lone Star State get. Will Biden’s proposal for cleaner energy and infrastructure make America stronger or just be another empty promise?

According to an environmental group they are counting on the legislation to fix the problems going on with power networks and creating new jobs.

The Framework would set America on the right path to meet its goals with climate change, create millions of better paying jobs, allow more Americans to join and remain on the labor force, and hopefully grow the economy from the bottom up and everything in between.

Build Back Better framework:

  • Stops large, profitable corporations from paying zero in tax and tax corporations that buyback stock rather than invest in the company.
  • Stops rewarding corporations for shipping jobs and profits overseas.
  • Asks the highest income Americans to pay their fair share.
  • Invests in enforcing our existing tax laws, so the wealthy pay what they owe.

The Act could bring about $30 billion or more for the budget of the Lone Star States infrastructure budget, Says a specific White House breakout for Texas.

This would include $26.9 billion from Federal Highway programs, $3.3 billion could go to public transportation and $408 million would expand Texas’s electric vehicle charging network. All this could take place in the next five years if the calculations are correct.


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