On Aug. 3, a federal judge temporarily stops an attempt by the governor of Texas to issue an order temporarily banning the transportation of migrants. No one other than local and federal agencies would be able to transport migrants anywhere. The motives behind these actions were provoked by an incident involving a religious non profit group.

Federal agencies have recorded more than 212,000 migrants in the last month, making it the highest month in 20 years. This also includes nearly 19,000 kids without parents. Even though numbers reached record highs they just might reflect how many times people are trying to cross the border again.

This order would allow state police to pull over vehicles they suspect transporting migrants because they pose an infection threat and may be carrying the COVID-19 virus. A state trooper would be able to either escort a vehicle to the point of origin or confiscate the vehicle, maybe both. After hearing what the governor’s order proposed the judge decided to put a temporary block on the order.

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