If you dont know by now F.E.M.A (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has been offering financial aid for funeral expenses of up to $9,000 for the victims of the covid-19 pandemic. Although it took effect after January 20, 2020, thieves have been creating scams pretending to help with funeral expenses. A “Fraud Alert’ was issued informing everyone about scammers reaching out to individuals who are suffering from loss and offering them to be registered for FEMA’s funeral assistance.

 FEMA’s anti-fraud guidance:

  • FEMA will not contact people unless they have called the agency beforehand or applied for funeral assistance.
  • Do not disclose information such as the name, birth date or Social Security number of any deceased family member to anyone in an unsolicited telephone call or responding to an unsolicited email claiming to come from FEMA or another federal agency.
  • If you doubt that a FEMA representative is legitimate, hang up the phone or stop emailing.
  • Report the suspicious contact to the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362 or the National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline, 866-720-5721. You also may contact local police.
Check out the FEMA site for more info

The FTC says, Criminals might ask for payment in order to get the funeral assistance. They also may ask to receive your sensitive information from your bank accounts to your social security number and the deceased are no exception.

With the hotlines backed up since the start of the covid-19 pandemic and no sign of easing up scammers seem to find a way to earn a quick buck off of the victims of this virus. We can only wait to see how law enforcement react to this situation and do our best to protect our information.

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