The Kirkland & Ellis law firm are opening a new office in Austin, Texas with 20 or more lawyers ready to tackle any case. A majority of them will come from other Kirkland & Ellis offices to staff what will be the third firm in Texas.

“The new office will help take advantage of the technology, renewables, and alternative energy industries that have flourished in Austin of recent years”, said Kirkland leaders in a statement.

The globes largest frim by wealth have been very selective when it comes to opening new offices with just 16 spread across the world. Although the firm has been building a presence in Texas since opening a Houston chapter in 2014 and making their way into Dallas in 2018. They have been prioritizing deal work in the energy industry and maintaining major oil and gas industry bankruptcies. In total the great state of Texas has nearly 300 lawyers working under the Kirkland & Ellis brand.

“The firm will look to recruit lawyers from existing major firms in Austin”, Andy Calder, a partner and member of Kirkland’s Executive Committee , saying in an interview. The Austin chapters will also be looking to hire potential prospects from the coastal areas during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This could be a major move for the Kirkland & Ellis law firm making them the go to lawyers in the state of Texas. While a lot of firms try to persevere through these hard time caused by the pandemic, you can count on the Kirkland & Ellis law firm to lead the way.

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