The closing of America, known as the Covid-19 pandemic unevenly affected the health and livelihoods of Latinos in communities across the nation. As soon as the COVID-19 vaccine was ready to go, Latinos were the least likely population to get the vaccine. Sadly, barriers like language, technology, transportation and mistrust of the vaccine prevent Latinos from getting vaccinated.

Almost two-thirds of Latino adults say they’re worried that they or someone in their family will get sick from the coronavirus, this includes 41% who say they are very worried. The portion saying they are super worried are higher among Latino adults than Black adults and four times the rate among White adults. The fears about catching coronavirus are even more higher among Latino immigrants, most likely those without permanent residency.

There has been a combination of efforts taken to increase the equity in vaccination rates among people of color through outreach, education, and reducing access and logistical barriers to get vaccinated. A part of the combination helping increase the vaccination rates are the response to the different variants and increases among younger adults and adolescents who include higher shares of people of color compared to other adults.


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