Across the U.S. adults who have not ever been to college are considering enrolling, but the cost to attend the needed courses discourages them from taking action. Meanwhile, a huge wave of students who are already enrolled want to dropout. The issue seems to be pointing at emotional and mental stress, as a lot of students are opening up about it.

Dozens of campuses nationally and locally were reporting massive enrollment declines during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Gallup/Lumina poll that was released on April 20th shows stress and anxiety were not the only reason for students wanting to drop out. With cost for attendance making it the 2nd most common reason. During the panels discussion, the presidents of our colleges and universities talked about the enrollment decline spikes and how they can reverse the drops.

One survey that was given to nearly 1,700 college students revealed that 88 percent believe there is a mental health crisis going on in college campuses. Even though each student may have a different perspective of what a mental health crisis is, it’s clear the students are suffering, said by Cheif Medical Officer and Co-Founder of TimelyMD, Alan Dennington.

It’s no secret that college can be very stressful and draining. Maintaining a balance of classes, work, extracurricular activities, social lives, applying for jobs and interviews and that’s not counting, dealing with the struggles of life. It’s even tougher when their parents are no longer keeping them on their toes, and they don’t have the comfort zone of their close friends they may have grown accustomed to along the years. We can only do the best we can to bring awareness to the issue and help keep the kids pursuing their careers.


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