This month Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department arrested 115 men who sought to pay for sex acts with people acting as decoys in an Operation called “Buyer Beware”.

Governor Abbott recently signed a bill last month making it a state felony to solicit prostitution. An effort made to tackle the high rates of prostitution and human trafficking. Texas is the first state to make this crime a felony.

The men are between 20-year-old and in their 70s, according to the Star-Telegram. “These people that were arrested were from every walk of life. From every socioeconomic group. From every ethnicity or race,” Sheriff Waybourn said at a press conference.

“We will be out there looking for these people. Constantly. All the time,” Waybourn said in a statement. The operation, called “Buyer Beware,” was focused on cutting down the demand that drives sex trafficking, the sheriff’s office said.

Christopher Miller, the acting Special Agent in Charge at the HSI Dallas office, wrote in a statement. “The HSI Dallas-led North Texas Trafficking Task Force continues to collaborate with law enforcement partners to combat human trafficking from a holistic, victim-centric approach. The 115 arrests announced today should serve as a deterrent to those who incentivize and glorify human trafficking by consuming commercial sex. Without demand, human trafficking would cease to exist.”

Although some experts say the legislation reflects a new wave of reform and could help trafficked sex workers by deterring demand, others claim it misses the mark and instead will further tie the victims up in the legal system, ABC News reported.

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