Now that the revocation of the constitutional right to abortion in the U.S. has happened, Pregnancy-related deaths will almost certainly rise – especially among people of color. Experts called for urgent action to protect reproductive health and rights of the patients across the nation.

The repercussions of banning abortion nationwide would see an increase in maternal deaths by 24% from 861 mothers dying to around 1,071. These numbers come from a study from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The university’s researchers narrowed in on how maternal morality is impacted by abortion and the data shows staying pregnant carries a higher risk of death than having an abortion.

Another report back in September of 21′ from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights found that Black women in America are three times likely to die from pregnancy related issues than White women in America.

Even Native American women are 2 times more prone to maternal health complications than white women in the U.S., the 2021 report discovered.

The report also found that over the past 30 years, the differences between maternal health issues among the different female groups are more noticeably severe.

The Lone Star State is home to one in ten Americans of reproductive age, and due to the state’s abortion ban mandated births will happen causing an increased number of maternal deaths like we discussed earlier.

As of right now there are 26 Republican-led states planning to outlaw abortion entirely and the movement is growing with Conservatives instigating to make it illegal nationwide. We can only do what we can and hope the politicians hear us and think logically.


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