Nov. 5 – As COVID-19 enters a new phase in it’s vaccination productivity, meaning that 90% of the population in America are eligible to get the vaccine. This comes as Pfizer/BioNTech get emergency authorization to use the vaccine in the 5- to 11 – Year old age group.

Although infection rates are falling across the U.S, Experts like Ezreal Garcia are saying ” parents who opt in to have their children vaccinated could help improve the school environment and end the pandemic sooner”.

With the promise of the federal government it hopes to get enough vaccines to the nations 28 million kids in the 5 – to 11- year old age group. While pediatrician offices and hospitals are now beginning to inoculate children. Pharmacies, schools and other medical locations are planning to follow this course of action.

In some places the shots for the elementary age group was celebrated, like in California where they had festive activities to bring in the good news and in Atlanta people were lining up to get their shot in relief of the news.

In our lifetime we can truly say that no matter where we live COVID-19 has a strangle hold on our civilization. To the point that every child coming into this world will be impacted by it. We can only hope that the news that comes out about vaccines are better than expected. So we can finally put this pandemic behind us.


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